This site is not a typical fan site with detailed information on the history of the Doctor and his various assistants and adventures. That information is widely available on sites that are more informed than this one! This site is about the effect Dr Who had on a young creative child, who as an adult, still has fond memories of the Timelord from Gallifrey. (Please note, this site was created several years ago and is not currently mobile device compatible. However, a new site is being created here

Who 1 and other vehicles

Who 1 as modelled on 'Bessie', the Doctor's car of the 1970's

WHO 1 'Bessie' & link to car



Dr Who and the Terror of Terra - a story by Richard Gentle (1999)

Dr Who - The Lost Episodes

Which Dr Who are you?

Meeting Dr Who’s Daleks In The 1960s

For me, Dr Who began at age 7 when Jon Pertwee changed my life for ever. Although Patrick Troughton was the Dr Who I saw first, (and I feel has the best Dr Who look), Jon Pertwee was the person I emulated.

TARDIS Workshop

I modelled the entrance to my workshop on the TARDIS. Mirrors were used to create an illusion that the TARDIS was free-standing in my garage

Build a TARDIS (online plans)

Don't miss daily re-runs of various old Dr Who episodes between 7:50 and 9:00 pm Freeview Horror Channel

This week in Dr Who

Dr Who animated gifs from Giphy

How Animation took Dr Who

Tardis on location & link to story

The first Tardis started life as a chicken incubator lid found burried under a hedge

First Tardis & link to consoles

My younger brother was the Master - modelled on actor Roger Delgado who sadly is now in another reality!

TARDIS scale comparisons
Four Decades of Police Box Modifications

The Map of Physics

Dr Who Magazine

The Locations Guide

Autographed Picture
Polarity Day - Remembering Jon Pertwee and honoured

Double-O-Who? Jon Pertwee's secret life as a wartime agent.

Jon Pertwee: From secret agent in WWII to Dr Who (pdf)

My Dad with Jon Pertwee

Jon Pertwee - Opening titles - First appearance - This is Your Life - Death - A tribute

The Master - Roger Delgado
The Master - Arch enemy of the Doctor (Roger Delgado - the original and best)

Quarks - Comic Strip -

Radio Times - Dr Who Story Guide

Time Travel
The Anderson Institute

Alien and UFO Special

Alien Log

Project Pegasus - Andrew D. Basiago - Mars Jumper annd Teleporter


Time Lord Name Generator



The Radiophonic Workshop

Compose your own synth tracks

From The SFX Archive: Russell T Davies Meets Verity Lambert

GHQ (General Head Quarters)

Dr Who Tube Map


Sillysparrow Ness another fan of Dr Who - built her own TARDIS too! More...


The different Doctors on Wikipedia

How to build a TARDIS

TARDIS bedroom door

The Police Box Map

Police Box History

A real Sonic Screwdriver

Dr Who artwork by Kelly Yates


TARDIS shed competition finals

TARDIS Builders

Patrick Troughton

Patrick Troughton
Although the second doctor was not my personal favourite, in my opinion he represents most quintessentially, Dr Who as an entity. His appearance expresses everything that Dr Who is.

Read Simon Meade's excellent recollections on 'Dan Talks Doctor Who'

Doctor Who - The Macra Terror - Correct Opening Titles

The man behind Doctor Who's car (The Whomobile)

The Alien by Pete Farries

More images of the car

Doctor Who Experience

Jump to all of the Doctors

Dr Who's First Episodes

Video page

Video page 2

Video page 3

Audio page

A nice blog piece about the first doctor, William Hartnell.

Verity Ann Lambert and Dr Who

Who Space

The Dr Who Guide (Guide)

BBC Dr Who Games

Louise Jameson

(Given to me when I met Louise - aka Leela)

laser glass TARDIS

Teaspoon Archive
Whofic - A Doctor Who Fan Fiction Archive

Dr Who in colour - Babelcolour

Pretentious Doctor Who Essays

The Dr Who Experience

Peter Capaldi climbing inside fan’s mini TARDIS

Peter Capaldi with a fan

Changes of external appearance

Whoverville 2016

six new animated episodes
Whooverville on facebook

Book here

BBC Dr Who
(Including every episode on iPlayer, since 2005)

Everything we know about the next series of Doctor Who